This Super-Sleek Infrared Heater Can Cut Your Home’s Heating Costs In Half!

If we’ve learned anything after witnessing what’s been happening in Texas over the past couple of weeks, it’s that we should never take heating for granted. But unexpected weather or not, ensuring your home stays comfortable and warm can cost you a pretty penny, and it’s hard to control it enough to know exactly what we’re paying for it each month.

If you’d love to see your power bill cut down significantly, perhaps it’s time to look into a more cost-effective alternative heating system. That’s where SOLUS comes in. This revolutionary electric smart infrared heater uses its patented NanoWave technology that uses 30% less energy than traditional electric heaters, saving you big bucks during the coldest months of the year.

In addition to its infrared heating, SOLUS also boasts an array of energy-saving features, all of which are accessible on its accompanying app. This means, that with just a few taps on your phone, you can completely control the SOLUS heater, from scheduling use to monitoring which rooms it heats up, and you don’t even need to be home when you do it. This real-time cost-monitoring helps you make the most out of your heating system, saving you a substantial amount in the long run.
And unlike other heating systems out there, SOLUS will never have you forking up a large chunk of change in installation costs. That’s because it comes with a temperature and humidity sensor that never requires any special wiring or installation processes. And thanks to its super-sleek design, it won’t ever stand out like a sore thumb in your home.

Featured on Forbes, GadgetFlow, WIRED, GQ, Uncrate, and more, it’s easy to see why so many people are changing the way they heat their homes with SOLUS. And if you still need convincing, these stellar online reviews ought to change your tune.

“The heater arrived quickly and was easy to set up. It looks 10 times better than any space heater I owned before.” – Anonymous

“Keeps my body warm when I’m at my office desk. Arrived quicker than expected even during these difficult times.” – David H.

“It was a great choice, mounted on the ceiling in my loft space. Direct heat while I’m on my sofa. Saved a significant amount on my energy bill last month. Looks great.” – Rowan H.

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