Did you know that heating your home accounts for 65% of your total energy use. That’s larger than cooking, heating water, and use of electric devices like TVs, hoovers, washing machines, tumble driers, and kettles COMBINED.

The UK Government figures released in 2018 show that electric heating is better for the environment than gas. There has been a huge increase in the installation of wind and solar farms, leading to greener energy in the UK. In fact, average CO2 from the UK’s electricity grid has halved in six years. This means the carbon footprint of electric-based heating is more favourable than other methods like gas. With the developed world becoming increasingly sustainable, gas could become obsolete in a matter of years.

We all want to live in a more sustainable, greener home. That means heating our rooms using an energy source with low carbon emissions, like electricity. Heating systems of any kind generate an environmental impact that we all want to reduce. 

What can you do now?

SOLUS+ is the future of sustainable home heating. Built with our patented NanoWave technology SOLUS+ delivers a new standard of electric infrared heating backed by a powerful smart home app that helps you save money and live more sustainably.

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