Get toasty with hot savings on this wall-mount heater

Get toasty without that old, ugly space-heater with the SOLUS+ Smart Infrared Heater by Koleda. This subtle, stylish heater can mount directly to the wall where its sleek glass surface (in your choice of black or white) melds into the background while heating your home. And, it's priced down to $328.95 right now, or $82 off.

Koleda aims to reduce home heating costs by up to 50% with the SOLUS+, an app-paired infrared heater that's super-easy to install in your home. Control the heat with the SOLUS+ App, which is available for iOS and Android and has an average user rating of 4.2/5 stars on the App Store.


Using the mobile app, you can monitor how much energy you're using and access controls without having to physically interact with the heater. You can place the heater on a convenient automated schedule so that you can wake up to a comfortable, warm room. The SOLUS+ will also save you money on heating costs by shutting off overnight in empty rooms. 

For small spaces like chilly bathrooms, the 9.9-lb. heater can be safely mounted without getting in the way thanks to its slim design — it's less than an inch thick! Under three feet tall and sleekly designed, the SOLUS+ is easy to install and requires no wiring, as its temperature and humidity sensors are already built-in.

SOLUS+ lets you tap into the benefits of infrared heat, which is 30% more efficient. Use the heater for smart zoning in your home and to lower your overall heat bill. Simply crank up the heat in the room you're occupying for reduced energy consumption. Its built-in infrared Nanowave technology also makes for a safer way to heat your home.

Pick up this heater for $328.95 off today. You save $82 off the SOLUS+ Smart Infrared Heater from its original price of $410. Not only will you save on the price of the heater, but your power bill will go down noticeably. Perfect for a few chilly days a year, warm up your home with the SOLUS+.


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