Cold house? Get cozy with one of these modern space heaters on sale

If you’re not a fan of winter simply because of the frigid temperatures, you’re not alone. No one likes tensing up as soon as the cold air hits their skin. Fun fact: there are only 1 in 10 Americans who enjoy winter. However, some items can help you get through the most hated season in the country. We’ve rounded up five space heaters to keep you warm and toasty this year. (Psst! These are also great to bring to work if the A/C is always blasting during the summer.)

SOLUS Smart Infrared Heater, on sale for $328.95 (19% off)

When the cold is creeping into your home, look toward this infrared heater that can heat up any space with up to 30% less energy than a standard space heater and much nicer looks to boot. You can control the SOLUS from a mobile app and set a schedule on a room-by-room basis.





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